Stream2 App Feature Walkthrough - FireTV

These instructions assume that you have already installed the app.  See the Installation and Setup instructions if you have not yet installed it. If you are not familiar with the FireTV remote, please visit here.

Main Menu

After installing and launching the app, press the ‘Menu’ button of the Fire TV remote control (the button with three horizontal lines), to invoke the Stream2 app’s main menu.

TV Guide

From the Main Menu, using the control ring on the Fire TV remote control, press one step in the down direction to select the ‘TV Guide.’   You will be presented with the channel listing for the current time slot. This is the interface for selecting channels and watching live TV

Channels are presented by the name of the network.  Channel numbers are assigned by the Stream2 system, and are not associated with the channel numbers for local TV channels.

Use the left and right directions of the Fire TV remote control ring to scroll through the channel listing.  To select a channel and begin watching TV, press the button in the center of the remote control’s control ring.

Program information

In the Program Information screen, you will be given the option to watch the show from its current point in time, restart the program and watch it from the beginning, or record the program. In addition, you will be given a brief summary of that specific program episode. To access the Main Menu at any time, press the ‘Menu’ button of the Fire TV remote control.