Stream2 Compatibility

Stream2 is compatible with a variety of platforms. Check the table below to see what features are supported on your device or browser.

Device OS
Available Features
Client environment Live TV Pause Start Over Catch Up nDVR
Stream2 for Mobile devices              
iOS iOS v8.2   X X X X X iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
Android v4.xx only X       X Can schedule, play, delete recordings. No other time-shift features.Devices running Android 4.x.y render Apogee's 1st generation UI because Google is no longer updating its WebView component for Android 4.x.y devices. This creates security risks, and HTML5/CSS3 features are not available
Android v5.xx or later X X X X X Devices running Android 5 or greater render Apogee's 2nd generation UI, and all time-shift features are available
Stream2 for Streaming devices              
Amazon Fire TV Android v4.03 or later X X X X X  
Stream2 v1.0 (Web)              
PC Windows 7 or later            
IE 10.0.46 X X    X    X                                                                                                                                                                                    X
Edge 41.16299.15 X    X    X    X   
Chrome 67.0.3396.62 X    X    X    X   
Firefox 57.0.2 X X X    X   
Mac MacOS 10.11.x            
Chrome 67.0.3396.62
X X  X X      X
Firefox 57.0.2 X X X X      X
Safari Not supported