Installation & Setup - Amazon Fire TV

Stream2 Installation for Amazon Fire TV

Search for 'Apogee Stream2' in the Amazon Fire TV App Store.

Before you can download the app, you must be signed in to your Amazon account.  If you haven't already done so, please sign in.  

If you are accessing Amazon from the Web, using your PC or mobile device, confirm your Fire TV device using the gray button that lists the name of your Fire TV device.  This appears above the orange “Get App” button.  It should show up automatically if you are accessing the Amazon Fire TV app store via the same Amazon ID as the Amazon account that is already associated with your Amazon device.

You now will have access to the app.  Note the comments and the installation instructions on the page that appears after you confirm your device. 

Step 2 - Installing the Amazon Fire TV App.

On the same screen, scroll down for instructions that are specific to your device: Amazon Fire TV.  Turn on the Fire TV device and navigate to Settings.

Step 3 – Running Stream2

Now, go to your Amazon Fire TV device.  Stream2 should now be in your Amazon Fire TV's Apps library

Now, start Stream2 and enter your Username and Password and…

 Watch TV!

For a walk-through of the Stream2 app running on Amazon Fire TV, see the Stream2 App Walk-Through section.