Electronic Program Guide. Program Info Video Player and Favorites

From the Home Screen, use the Main Menu to access the TV Guide (also known as the Electronic Program Guide or EPG).   The EPG gives you access to the current Stream2 programming line-up, channel-changing, and watching programs in the Video Player.

This section describes how to use these features. 

Electronic Program Guide (EPG)

The easiest way to understand the Stream2 v2.0 EPG is to start at the top of the EPG view and make your way down the screen.  At the top, choose the day, and then move down to select the Genre, Program Times, and finally the Program (Channel) itself.

First, select the day.  The view defaults to the current day and time (circled). You will see the current time just below ‘Today.’ 

Genre selection

The tile just below the date and time is a drop-down menu that filters programming by Genre.

Tap the Genre drop-down menu to expose a list of Genres.  If ‘All’ is selected, the EPG will display all of the programming available at the selected time.  If a specific Genre is selected, only programming that belongs to that Genre is displayed.  

Genre data is provided by the TV programmer, so the programs for a given Genre will always be listed in that Genre.

Time selection

The horizontal bar below the Genre drop-down menu is the ‘Time Bar.’  Swipe it left and right to move to different times of the day.  Then tap on the desired time period to see the programming that is available at that time.

To go back to Yesterday’s programs, click on Yesterday.  You will be presented with programming that is up to 24 hours before the current time.   The word ‘Yesterday’ will be highlighted.

Click on ‘Tomorrow’ to jump ahead to the programming that is on a day from now.  

The row of items below the Time Bar is the ‘Program Bar,’ which lists the programs that are on at the time that is selected in the Time Bar.  As you do with the Time Bar, swipe the Program Bar left and right, to review the entire range of programs that is available at the selected time. In this example, the Program Bar is displaying programs that were on at 8:30am on November 11.

The EPG can also viewable in Landscape mode on your device.

Program Info (iOS and Android)

When a user selects a program from the Program Selection row, a Program Info panel will appear

The top of the Program Info window is designed to display a thumbnail image that represents the program, if that program metadata is available in the Stream2 system.  If it is not available, the channel’s logo will appear there.  A triangular ‘Play’ button appears overlapped at the center of that image.  Below the image is further information about the program, as well as the programs that are adjacent to it in the EPG.

Program Info can also be viewed in Landscape mode.

Video Player (iOS and Android)

When the user selects the Play button on the program image in the Program Info view, the program will invoke the Video Player and dismiss the EPG.

The Video Player window has a series of controls at the bottom.  The Closed Captions control can present the captioning in three sizes

The Time Shift controls may not be active in the version that you are using.  After a short time, the controls will disappear (time out).  The reappear when you tap on the Video Player window.

The video player works in both Landscape and Portrait modes.

To dismiss the full screen view, tap the ‘X’ in the upper right corner of the Video Player window.

Favorite Programs (iOS and Android)

The Stream2 app also lets you establish Favorite programs.  Go to the Main Menu and tap Favorites.

This will bring up a screen with all of the channels.  Tapping on the Heart symbol in the upper left corner of each program will establish the program as a Favorite channel.

Use the Favorites Menu to display only Favorite channels in the EPG

By selecting Favorite Channels, only the Favorites are listed.  The EPG will now this selection of channels.

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