Installation & Setup - Desktop Web (Windows)

This section takes you through the installation process for your Web browser for Windows.

Currently supported browsers are:

  • PC: Mozilla Firefox version 52 (extended support release) and earlier, Internet Explorer
    • For instructions on installing Firefox version 52 ESR click here.
    • When installing this version of Firefox you will need to reinstall the Stream2 plugin.

Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome are not supported in this release, but will be supported in the future.

Open Firefox or Internet Explorer and go to:

Click Save File to download the Plug-in

After the download is complete open the Installer.  

Despite the security warning, go ahead and run the installer.

The Plug-in will be installed.  You may be prompted to quit your browser.

After the Plug-in is installed, dismiss the installer, close all open Browser windows and open a new one.

Then, launch the Stream2 app again.

The Stream2 Desktop / Web Log In screen will appear in your browser window.

Enter your User Name and Password.

If you haven't created a Stream2 account yet, please visit one of the following sites to do so.

If you encounter issues with playback check to make sure your anti-virus and firewall settings are allowing content from the website as well as enabling ActiveX controls for the plugin if prompted to do so.

Next proceed to instructions for the video player.